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Luxury Furrier Shop

Krznarija Dvoravić


Krznarija Dvoravić




Web Design & Development


The Story

The project plan was to create a modern website for a furrier business with traditional, luxurius feeling. Color combination of white and gold seems to be the right fit to visually represent the idea of classiness that goes with the fur business.In terms of goals from the visitors, I went with the idea of modern landing page that tells a story through main offerings that Krznarija Dvoravic has. That includes explaining history of the craft in order for the customers to gain trust, as well as custom tailoring which is essential business model for the dying craft. Both sections are leading towards the separate pages that explain offers in more details.


Main goal of the web page is to bring more customers through submitting the contact form with the idea how they want their custom fur clothing to look like. Also the blog section is crucial to bring information to the new public on what to look into when buying fur clothes. It serves as a search enginge trigger to bring more potential clients to the website through search specific keywords.